Welcome to Master Your Own Faith

This is the first blog entry to Master Your Own Faith. In these pages, I hope to help you grow the faith that you have now into what I call "exemplary faith." When you live with exemplary faith, you manifest within yourself the capacity, confidence, and compassion to live fully and with maximum freedom using your faith as an anchor.

The blog complements my book of the same title, to be published by Skinner House Press. We are planning a May 2016 release. The book explores the meaning of faith, the content of faith, and finally, the practice of faith. My premise is that you define "your own faith" whether you are humanist, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Wiccan, or any other tradition and should live it out with all that is within you. I encourage you to live your faith in a supportive community.

I hope that you find these pages helpful as your traverse your faith journey. I want you to grow and evolve. If this blog helps you, please share it with your friends, family, and faith community. Write me a comment and share your thoughts and feelings.

I'll see you here, again.


xolani, or simply, x